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Cedric D Brings Danceability on Experimental EDM Record ‘Sound Language’

Combining classic chill vibes with a rhythm that you just want to move to, Cedric D’s latest single “Sound Language” is a brilliant example of an experimental soundscape with classic EDM sensibility. 

Cedric D is DJ and producer based in California, and has been releasing experimental pieces of dance music since his debut album in 2021. This latest single follows on in impressive fashion, bringing a chill atmosphere and contemporary ambience.

The synth pads flow and swirl with ethereal freedom, creating a futuristic soundscape that the listener can easily get lost within. The BPM inspires movement, and the pulsing nature of the track brings a sense of motion, coupled with the considered intricacy of the drum patterns and bold vocal sample choices. Altogether the tune is one I could happily listen to on repeat, be that in a club or on a late-night drive, windows down with streetlights to guide the way. Regardless, “Sound language” is a real treat in sound experimentation and futuristic atmosphere, and one I would definitely recommend for fans of electronic music.

Recommended! Check out Cedric D’s exploratory audioverse “Sound Language” here:


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