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Cassandra Liu Debuts with Gloomy Pop Gem ‘Chaos Is Me’

Drenched in gloomy and misty sound design, ‘Chaos Is Me’ approaches the listeners with mystery and a hypnotising aura, a stunning sonic environment fiercely driven by Cassandra Liu’s kaleidoscopic imagination. Self-produced, the record is the perfect intro to the talented Chicago-based, Chinese-born creative. Such a luscious livery perfectly fits the lyricism behind the song, focused on the dazzling chaos that seems to have engulfed our reality. 

Although it could be considered a bedroom pop episode, ‘Chaos Is Me’, feels rich and powerful, a hard-hitting and murky slice of alt stylings. References are far and wide, but mostly one can trace a common thread in the use of arpeggiated synthetisers and long, abstract textures, making the song quite an unexpected treat. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Liu explains: “It describes a mentality of taking control of the chaos in life because there is no way to avoid it. We are living in the world the chaos and we are the chaos itself”. Look out for a mesmerising music video too, directed by Matan Hamam. 

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