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Canadian Duo Wotts Deliver Psyche-Pop Triumph With ‘NO TAKE BACKS’

There’s out-and-out pop. You know, the manufactured stuff that’s force-fed to you on TV, radio, in-stores, basically your entire existence. Then there’s pop with substance. Creating the latter is complex. On one hand, you want to make the music accessible and get heads nodding. But, at the same time, you don’t want to compromise your integrity and create throw-away tunes that sell your soul.

Wotts have found the perfect balance. ‘NO TAKE BACKS’, is in essence an alternative neo-psyche song. But the hooks and feel-good vibes add pop undertones. A harmonious concoction, they’ve created a triumphant pop banger.

There’s no long introduction, Wotts dive in with vocal lines within seconds. Jayem gracefully sings a contagious melody amid a well-embellished mix. As the verses descend behind the solid beat, the spirited vocals carry an air of Post Malone. The more I explore ‘NO TAKE BACKS’, the more I find. Plenty to discover, Wotts layer the track to the max. But it doesn’t sound too busy, nor over-produced. Just a full-on style that has me reaching for the headphones for a closer listen.

At 1 minute and 4 seconds, an unexpected interlude of acoustic guitar adds yet another hook. It continues over the grooving beat until the next verse. Such invention epitomises this track, it slips and slides until concluding at 2 minutes 55, when at that point you’re scampering for the repeat button. ‘NO TAKE BACKS’ is an innovative, very well-written song performed by a duo with extreme skill and talent for dream-like sonics. 

At the core of the track is psychedelic pop characteristics. You can trace the lineage to bands like MGMT and Tame Impala. Yet, you’ll find melody lines that wouldn’t go amiss in a Post Malone smash hit. 

Wearing influences on their sleeves, ‘NO TAKE BACKS’ is a dreamy synth-pop summer-perfumed sensation. It’s one of those tracks that’ll soundtrack your summer. It’s safe to say… Wotts have done it again!

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