Artist and Producer Lyse Crafts Ethereal and Dreamy Gem ‘Ocean’


There’s a compelling sense of lightness in Lyse’s musical output. The sound design and production, done by the artist herself, champions minimal, acute sonic fragments, putting them together to create a sort of lullaby, keeping the arrangement sparse yet convoluted. The songwriting features tame melodies, gentle yet poignant, highlighting Lyse’s dreamy and ethereal vocals, confidently delivered to the listener with gloves on. 

It is quite an extraordinary experience, frankly. Listening to Lyse is like wandering into a magical forest, where all objects are round and make of smooth rubber. From a pair of speakers, you hear this airy, celestial voice, that slowly guides you into a relaxing but transformative journey. Then the song finishes, you open your eyes again, and you realize you were just listening to Tampa resident Lyse, young newcomer with a knack for self-produced indie gems, bordering dream pop with a hint of retro goodness. 

‘Ocean’ is the Florida talent’s latest effort, and it is quite simply extraordinaire. With no drums and a minimal arrangement, the track presents itself as a very posed and docile number, creating the perfect framework for Lyse’s wonderful vocals, floating on top of a weirdly hypnotising synth sound. The record feels ‘vast’, ‘spacious’: just like the ocean. 

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