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23 Fields Release Latest Album ‘To Follow This Years Fashion’

The keen folk-lover reader will be glad to have discovered 23 Fields. A quirky and grounded trio from Hastings, they champion acoustic and traditional alt-folk stylings with an eye to witty and elegant eclecticism, plus a relatable ‘popular’ component – something that could be traced from the group’s past dealings in the busking realm. ‘Berlin’ is their latest single, taken from the wider album ‘To Follow This Years Fashion’ – just released too.

There’s a cathartic quality to it, almost hypnotising. Moving with charisma and confidence, 23 Fields stack together a cajon, a guitar and a violin, with the occasional recorded bass line as an overall treat. The result, as you can imagine, is pretty authentic. Focusing more on their lyrical content, the band crafts a meaningful jewel exploring the depth of human behaviours in a reflective key. 

A mention must be also given to the dramatic quality so obvious in ‘Berlin’. Almost being a theatrical, cinematic piece, the song’s nuanced sonic stylings seem to generate a stream of gloomy imagery, the perfect match for the record’s veiled melancholic flair. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Berlin’ and ‘To Follow This Years Fashion’ on Spotify:


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